Saturday, February 1, 2014

OCC Stenciled Day 4 Project

Last day of class!  I tried Jennifer's technique of using embossing powders on top of embossing paste and ended up with a really unique texture.  I have a flame stencil from Crafter's Workshop that I thought would look good with some added color on black.  The big mistake I made was not using any powder on the black paper to begin with.  I had the biggest embossing powder mess that I had to painstakingly brush off the areas that I did not want embossed! 
Anyway, I heated the powder before the paste had dried and did get the bubble up effect which looks really cool on this card.

What a fun class this was!

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  1. Very cool card even with flames! : ) Love this!

  2. This looks amazing and would make a fabulous masculine card!